Professional Mobile

Detailing, paint correction, paint protection and fleet maintenance in Perth.

Paint correction

SLEEK SURFACE PRO uses and recommends high quality RUPES and SCHOLL CONCEPTS polishing compounds and machines,a process that leaves a shiny sleek surface behind.

Paint protection

SLEEK SURFACE PRO are GTECHNIQ certified detailers which means we only use market leading composite ceramic coating that is longer lasting.

Professional detailing

At SLEEK SURFACE PRO, Detailing is an ART to us which means that we constantly use the world's best cleaning products and trade practices to ensure that your pride and joy maintains its showroom splendour.

Fleet maintenance

With our experience with working with large corporate organisation such as AP EAGERS car dealerships and Crown resorts,we sure know what it takes when it comes down to maintaining a fleet of any size.

The Mobile Detailing Professionals

At Sleek Surface Pro, we provide quality car care at a very affordable price. From all aspects of AUTO and MARINE detailing through to paint correction, paint protection and fleet maintenance – we offer it all. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service and our highly experienced team uses the best techniques and products to transform your car into a polished, gleaming masterpiece. No matter how big or small the work is; our team is well equipped to deliver the best results.

Experience Collection

Sleek Surface Pro serviced and maintained major brands,covering the full range of hot-hatch, high-performance cars,utes, SUVs and wagons, and the most exclusive luxury cars and supercars

Our reputation as leaders in automotive excellence in Perth
guarantees friendly and professional vehicle service,
using the highest quality equipment and tools to deliver our services.